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To find the right Nanny or Mother's Helper,

1. Complete the online application, or call us at 305-932-5335 Monday-Friday, 9am-2mp EST.

2. When you interview a candidate, ask about her background, experience, preferences and why she wants to be a nanny or mother’s helper (see “Interview Tips” for suggestions).

3. After an interview, have the candidate call The Nanny Network to give her feedback. If you are interested, schedule a second interview to discuss employment details.

4. Before you make an offer, tell as much as you can about a position (See “What to Expect” and “Extras” for details).

5. You are committing to a one-year contract unless you and the nanny have agreed otherwise.



We had searched for months for a nanny.... The Nanny Network provided several excellent candidates, and we quickly found just the person we had hoped for.
–The Reid Family