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How We Work

Because we continually recruit throughout the country, The Nanny Network maintains an extensive pool of qualified candidates—some of the highest caliber, most qualified people available anywhere.

1. Through in-depth interviews, we develop a skill and personality profile for each candidate. We carefully review employment, education and medical histories, and thoroughly check references for previous employment, child care experience and character.

2. Through a carefully designed application, we assess each family’s needs and the environment in which their nanny will function. We also advise on scheduling and help define the nanny's role within the family.

3. This data is matched to our candidate profiles, and appropriate candidates are selected for the family to interview. We help set up interviews, and review the impressions of both family and candidates.

4. When a family feels comfortable with a candidate, we help draft a work agreement to make sure no key consideration has been overlooked. Once a nanny or mother’s helper has accepted, she is directly employed by the family.

5. The final step is followup. After placement, we contact both family and nanny, or mother’s helper, to assess the working relationship. We also introduce the nanny to others in her area, creating support groups where they can meet and share ideas.

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The Nanny Network is thorough, unique and professional. They presented top-notch candidates.
Our nanny is the best!
–The Delaurentis Family