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What to Expect

1. What are typical working hours?
A nanny usually works 5 days a week, 8-10 hours per day, depending on the family’s needs. The two days off are usually weekends, but can be flexible. Additional hours must be compensated in additional pay or time off.

2. What is a typical nanny’s salary?

Salaries range from $600-$1200+ per week depending on a nanny’s qualifications and responsibilities. Salaries and benefit packages should be mutually agreed on before employment begins.

3. What benefits are typically offered?
In addition to room and board, nannies usually receive paid vacations (1-2 weeks off at a mutually agreed-on time) and have the use of a car. Some families offer health benefits and travel opportunities. The Nanny Network will assist you in drafting an employment agreement that includes these factors.

4. What accommodations should be provided?
A nanny typically has her own private room and bathroom.

5. What taxes does the nanny pay? What taxes does the family pay?
As a domestic employee, a nanny pays federal and state income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes. Most elect to have their taxes withheld each pay period. The family pays her federal and state unemployment taxes, and must contribute half of her Social Security and Medicare taxes. For more information about taxes and domestic employees, visit

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